Delicious Deli Sandwiches in Carlsbad, CA

Of all the classic deli foods you can choose from, none are as iconic as the sandwich. Sandwiches are delicious, convenient, refreshing, and affordable. They can have any ingredients you can imagine, and they’re as diverse as the people who eat them.

Johnny’s Rutherford Café offers hot and cold sandwiches in Carlsbad, CA. We carry a wide selection of fresh veggies, breads baked fresh daily, and a variety of meats, cheeses, and sauces. We have dozens of tried-and-true recipes, and we’re happy to try out new recipes based on your suggestions.

Hot Sandwiches

A hot sandwich is, simply put, the most convenient way to get a warm, delicious meal. The warm filling and bread contrast with cool fresh veggies, giving you a dynamic eating experience. From the roast beef of a French dip to the corned beef of the Rueben, no two hot sandwiches are the same — although they’re all delicious!

Cold Sandwiches

Cold sandwiches may seem similar to hot sandwiches on the surface, but they offer completely different culinary experiences. Cold sandwiches have a fresher feel, allowing you to focus on the texture of the bread and the flavor of the veggies. Cold meats also have a distinct flavor from cooked meats.

Custom Sandwiches

Our menu of over 50 sandwiches has a little something for everyone, and if you want something that isn’t on our list, our chefs can make it happen. We pride ourselves on providing fresh, delicious deli sandwiches for people of all tastes and dietary restrictions. We allow you to pay and order online, and we offer delivery. Stop by or call us at (760) 431-1918 today.

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